Litigation skills are undoubtedly the fundamentals of being a lawyer. With the experience I gained from hundreds of cases from a variety of fields, I gained the necessary skills to get the job done. I can easily analyze the dispute, find alternate solutions and evaluate the possible outcomes.

Drafting Legal Documents

It is an unspoken rule that not every legal dispute has to go to court. With a well-drafted contract, you can foresee what disagreements may arise and solve them ahead with clear and detailed clauses.

Legal English

As I have been working with multinational companies, I am proficient at legal documents. I can understand, translate and review them fluently.

Multidisciplinary Thinking

In our fast-paced world, not just countries but fields of disciplines are also colliding. To catch up with the recent developments, one can only keep learning further and wide. I strongly believe in lifelong learning and the knowledge I acquire grants me new perspectives.

Good Command of Computer Skills

I have a good command of MS Office and legal software such as Sinerji Mevzuat, Kazancı Mevzuat, UYAP. I’m also efficient at photoshop tools, video editing, and website development. I also have basic knowledge of C and Javascript.