Commercial Law

 I offer my assistance regarding company incorporations and commercial transactions, as well as joint ventures and mergers between Turkish and international companies.

Data Protection Law

I have extensive experience in all sorts of data protection and cybersecurity matters, including data protection compliance projects and guiding clients through data protection legislation as it relates to any aspect of their business, as well as data transfer issues and handling data breach notifications. I am fully equipped with global and local data protection knowledge, can navigate client companies through redesigning or adapting their data protection programs, policies, and data transfer schemes to comply with Turkish data protection law.

Labor Law

I have been handling numerous types of employment-related matters, including preparing and reviewing employment contracts, termination related assistance such as settlement and/or dispute resolution, company restructuring matters, as well as collective bargaining negotiations.

Consumer Protection Law

I ensure that consumers are properly informed of the current legislation in terms of Consumer Law which has been revised in recent years. I also, carry out the process of filing lawsuits and following the proceedings of the filed lawsuits before the Consumer Courts. I provide the clients with a solution-focused legal support of consumer representation before the Consumer Arbitration Committee.

IT Law

I provide regulatory counseling to firms for compliance issues that arise from the relevant legislation. I also have considerable experience in topics such as Internet Related Litigation, Domain Name Disputes, Website Agreements.